Murter is the oldest settlemnet on the island of Murter and it is located in the northwest part of the Šibenik archipelago, separated from the mainland by narrow sea canal at Tisno which is spanned by a draw-bridge. Asphalted road connects Murter with Adriatic tourist road, and distance from the city of Šibenik is 29 km. . Except Murter, there are three other settlements on the island: Betina, Jezera and Tisno.

Each visitor will gladly visit the Kornati archipelago because excursions are daily organized during the tourist season. . Kornati islands because of it unique natural, beauty, numeros bays and coves, preserved nature and rich ecosystem, bigger parts of of these island comprise a National Park. The coulour of the sea is almoast: Crystal clearness of the sea enables you to see with itd various shapes; crevices, holes, caves, shells and many sorts of fish.It is an unavoidable destinatin for the sailors who can found safe harbour in the marinas or in house where you can also find private accommodation in private houses. Those who favour quiet and fishing will find peace on Kornati, in the fishermen's houses.

Murter has a number of sports facilities:tennis, basketball, indoor football, sailing (3 marinas, charter, sailing school), diving (courses, tank refills, equipment rental, various trips, tennis (tennis courts in Murter and Jezera) running and bicycle riding (beautiful walking trails, tracks, rent a bike), bowling (bocce courts),windsurfing, windsurfing school, rent a boat, Various sports competitions are organized in the summer months. A kind of introduction into the sports season is the regatta Murter - Kornati, held in April. Murter is definitely an exceptional place for a tourist to visit. Nowhere else on the Adriatic coast does a district center offer so many varied spatial and cultural features in one place. Murter has the greatest number of islands in its archipelago (over 170as well as numerous interesting destinations in its vicinity (the national parks: Kornati, Paklenica, and Krka; the nature parks of Telašćica and Vransko Lake; the cities of Zadar, Šibenik, and Split.

The island of Murter is well known for its rich gastronomic offer of Mediterranean specialities. Fish and meat dishes are prepared in an extremely simple, indigenous way, cooked or grilled with plenty of rich, indigenous spices such as olive oil, in addition to various Mediterranean herbs. Numerous restaurants of the island of Murter will be happy to welcome their guests with delicious and diverse offers of Dalmatian specialities. Murter has ideal conditions for tourism: nice sunny beaches, quality accomodation and varoius services is only one part that makes Murter one of the most visited destinations in this region for years.

BEACHES in Island Murter; the whole Island and Murter as well have a large of number of sandy beaches, they are: SLANICA - the main beach on Murter. Slanica is one of the most beautiful and popular sandy beaches, abounding in events and featuring many facilities. Due to its shallowness it will be favoured by children and non-swimmers, but also by all those who enjoy engaging in a wealth beach activities.PODVRŠKE - Partly sandy and partly pebble and rocky, this beach is favoured by locals. Hidden from the public, it can be approached by a path that leads next to the sea. The beach spreads over several bays. ČIGRAĐA - located at the very entry into Murter, on the south side of the island. The beach is partly pebbly and partly rocky. It features several catering services (beach restaurant, fisherman's house).

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