For all reservation we ll take till 30 % of advance payment, free cancelation is 4 weeks prior to the begining of the reservation or rescheduling option for another term in next year  if  you can not arrived because illnes

Advance payment we are not returning back!


General Terms and Conditions for Providing Accommodation Services

1. Introduction
Tourist agency BISAGE serves as an agent between the customer and the service provider (on behalf of the owner and to his benefit) and therefore provides accommodation services for the customer in accordance with the information available on the web-site  and , for the period of the confirmed reservation. Tourist agency BISAGE is not liable for force majeure.
* Force majeure is a circumstance which cannot be affected or foreseen and therefore cannot be prevented (earthquake, flood, fire, strike, terrorist attack, war, death of the service provider or their immediate family).
2. Booking and payment
Inquiries and booking of accommodation can be done electronically (by email or forms on the web-site),by phone, whatsapp, viber  or in person at the BISAGE agency office. In order to confirm the booking, the customer is required to pay an advance payment within 7 days, or 2 days in sesone (01.07.-01.09) from accepting the conditions, in the amount from  till 30 % of the total depending of accommodation. The rest of the total amount is required to pay 4 week untill arrival. 
3. Sojourn tax
According to the Croatian Law on the Sojourn Tax, customers are required to pay the Sojourn Tax when paying for their accommodation, at the reception desk of the agency. In the Republic of Croatia price is 8 Hr KN per person per day for adults. Customers from the age of 12 to 18 have a 50% discount, while children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying.
4. Price of accommodation
Prices are given for each accommodation unit is in EUR. The prices are valid for four nights or more. In case the customer uses the accommodation up to four nights, the price  can be higher.
The price includes: tenancy, a weekly change of bedding, clean towels, electricity and water, cooking utensils and tableware (in the apartments), cleaning utensils, final cleaning.
Special services are not included in the price (breakfast, boat rental) and need to be paid separately.
The agency reserves the right to make changes to the stated prices. In case the prices change after the booking and prior to the payment of the advance, the agency guarantees to inform the customer about the price change and to send them a new calculation. For customers who have paid an advance for their reservation, the agency guarantees the price of accommodation stated in the first calculation, according to which the advance was paid.
5. Categorization and service description
Accommodation units offered by the agency are described in accordance with the official categorization of the authorized institution, and each owner of an accommodation unit is required to make the category of the accommodation unit visible.  
Standards for accommodation, food, services, etc. differ from place to place, country to country, and cannot be compared. Information obtained at the accommodation unit does not oblige the agency in any way more than any information available on this web site.  
6. Agency's right to changes and cancellation
The agency reserves the right to change a reservation in case of emergency or force majeure. Booked accommodation can be substituted only by an accommodation unit of the same or higher category and at the price confirmed during booking, provided that the customer is notified ahead of time. Should the substitute accommodation be available only in an accommodation unit of higher category and should the price of the substitute accommodation be higher by 15% or more than the initially booked accommodation, the agency reserves the right to charge the price difference upon consulting the customer. In cases where substitute accommodation for paid accommodation is not available, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification (before their arrival) and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount.
7. Customer's right to changes and cancellation
Should the customer wish to change or cancel a reservation, this must be done in written form (email or fax).
- in case of cancellation the reservation deposit / advance payment will not be returned under any circumstances.
8. Agency's and owner's obligations
The agency is required to:
- take care of provided services as well as the choice of service providers
- take care of customer's interests and rights according to accepted customs and practices in tourism 
The owner of the accommodation is required to:
- provide the customer with all the services they paid for 
* The agency and the owner are not liable for any changes or the cancellation of services in circumstances caused by force majeure.

9.Customer's obligations
- to have valid travel documents and a visa in case they need one for entering the Republic of Croatia,
- to obey customs regulations and currency exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia
- to obey house rules in accommodation units and to have good relations with the host,
- to cover all expenses for any caused damage in the accommodation unit on the spot
- to produce the confirmation of payment (Voucher received by mail or email) upon arrival,  containing the number of persons and type of services that need to be provided
- should the customer not follow the above listed obligations, the customer is liable for caused damage and must cover the expenses
- the customer can arrive at the accommodation unit after 2 p.m., You may enter the apartment from 14.00. If your farrives before this time you can leave your baggage in our offices. If the apartment is ready, it may be possible to enter the apartment before 14.00, but we will not be able to confirm this until the arrival date for administrative reasons. Guest need to check out on the departure date before 10 a.m. The keys will be given to the customer at the accommodation unit by the owner and a representative of the agency
10. Luggage
The agency is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for the theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation unit. Lost luggage or stolen goods should be reported to the host and the local police department.
11. Complaints
Should the services provided not be satisfactory, the customer is entitled to seek reasonable compensation by filing a written complaint. Every customer is entitled to file a complaint if the paid service is not provided.
Complaint procedure: Guest has right to ask adequate compensation for not received paid services. On request the guest must enclose a written objection.

  • The customer is required to complain to the service provider about the inadequate service immediately on the arrival day and to notify the agency. Furthermore, the customer is required to cooperate with agency representatives and the service provider in good faith in order to rectify the problem.
  • If the apartment you have reserved is not available due to unforeseen circumstances which we are not able to resolve we reserve the right to accommodate you in another apartment with similar or superior characteristics. Should this be the case both parts are authorized to terminate the contract, in which case we would return the amount paid (less the days you may already have been in the apartment)
  • If the complaint is valid, and the services provided are not satisfactory, the agency will do everything in its power to provide an acceptable solution for the customer, in accordance with the services paid for.  Both the agency and the service provider are not allowed to offer substitute accommodation of lower category to the customer
    If the customer decides to leave the accommodation unit of their own initiative, finds new accommodation and therefore refuses to accept the solution that is in accordance with services paid for, they are no longer have a right to be refunded or take the matter to court.
    If the customer does not make a complaint on the spot, they do not have a right to be refunded.        
  • The guest has to not later than 8 days upon return from trip send a written complaint (with the report signed by owner and eventual caused expenses) to the agency. The agency has to solve the complaint within 14 days of the complaint receipt. The guest renounce of any mediation of the person, court institution or giving information to the media until the agency resolves the issue. This excludes the guest´s right to non-material damages. The agency will take into consideration only properly filled complaints received within 8 days.                                                                                                                             
    12. Court jurisdiction
    Should the customer not be satisfied with the solution to the complaint, the matter can be taken to court (Šibenik Court jurisdiction).
    13. Note
    Upon of the advance payment , the customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions in their entirety.


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